Spiders can be beneficial but also a nuisance

Spiders are one of the most common things we come across when treating homes and businesses.  They vary greatly in size and type but most are harmless and are merely a nuisance.  There are exceptions (such as the brown recluse or black widow) but these types are much less common.  Many times a customer will think they have these more dangerous variations, when in reality they are seeing only common house spiders.  They can very beneficial to the environment and are generally docile.  For example, banana spiders are incredibly intimidating due to their larger size. However, they can significantly reduce fly and mosquito populations in the area.  Although there are more aggressive arachnids out there, we don’t usually have to worry about them in Texas. 

However, spiders are an unwelcome sight in homes and businesses.  Spiders will typically occupy garages, outbuildings, eaves, and indoor locations with high ceilings.  This is because they like to choose a place with little to no human activity.  Garages being the exception simply because they are easy to access using the gaps around garage doors. 


A simple spray and removal of the web and nesting area will usually get rid of them.  Treatment of spiders will work best when treated on a quarterly basis. They are known as “contact insects” and pesticides work most effectively when applied directly to them as they are resistant to residual sprays. A thorough inspection and treatment of common hiding and nesting places can usually be all you need to keep these little critters under control. In cases of severe infestations, a full yard and perimeter treatment may be required.

These creatures can be daunting, but we can help. Please give us a call to eliminate your spider problem.

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