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The first of the two most common rodent problems we come across are rats.  They are distinguishable from the other rodents (mice) by size.  These rodents are a major issue in places where food is stored, in and around warehouses, and nearby fields and high grass/foliage areas.  They carry disease which can be spread from contact with them as well as their feces and urine.  They are, however, a manageable problem. 

To treat for them, we start by making a walk of your property and identifying areas where they can enter your home or building.  Any holes in your building that they can squeeze through must be covered or sealed using metal mesh or a hard grade material.  Many people believe that some foam will seal a hole, however this is a misconception with rodents.  Rats (and mice) have teeth that continuously grow their entire life so they need to constantly chew to keep them gnawed down.  If this foam is blocking one of their paths, they will simply chew through it and continue their havoc.  A combination of rat trays, snap traps, and poisons will serve to keep these pests at bay.

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Mice are a more common rodent. Field mice are pretty common in Texas and any first step for a home/business owner is to make sure there isn’t any high grass or foliage that they can hide and breed in.  Mow your grass.  If it’s above your shins, it’s too high.  As with rats, the next step is to seal and holes in your house or building.  This can be a little more difficult when it comes to mice as they can squeeze through very small holes. 

A combination of poisons and traps can keep these pesky little critters from becoming a problem.  As with rats, these pests become more of a problem during the winter.  Many pest problems decline or go away in the winter but that isn’t the case with rodents.  Mice seek shelter inside due to their warm-blooded nature.

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