One of the most pervasive and frankly annoying pest problems we face today are mosquitoes.  These pesky critters leave nasty, itchy bites on the skin and have the potential to carry very harmful diseases like the dreaded West Nile and Zika viruses.  They’re going to be an issue no matter where you are, but there are definitely ways to reduce their numbers and make your outdoor areas pleasant.

The first step in addressing this problem is to reduce or eliminate the standing water or extremely moist areas around your property.  Standing water gives mosquitoes a habitat in which to lay their eggs and let their larva grow.  Buckets, wheel barrows, bird baths, and anything else that collects water needs to be emptied and cleaned after every time it rains.  If you have a body of water nearby such as a lake or creek, this may not be enough but it will certainly help.  Keeping your grass cut regularly will help to reduce moisture in the soil as well.  

Obviously, bug sprays with deet will help to prevent bites, as will citronella candles and sprays. However, sometimes this will not be enough and tougher measures are required.

The best way to handle this problem is to have a mosquito misting system installed around the outdoor areas of your property.  A misting system mists pesticide twice a day to control mosquito populations.  They effectively create a zone of mosquito free area that makes for a very pleasant outdoor experience.  The systems are automatic but can be run manually should you think extra treatment is necessary.  There are even additional higher end systems that can be run by remote control or even by your smartphone.

We have experience installing, filling, servicing, and repairing these systems.  Please give us a call if you would like us to come out and give you an estimate for setting up a system that will cover the appropriate outdoor areas of your property.

As misting systems can be a more costly option (although they are the most effective), the alternative would be to schedule a regular full exterior treatment that will help to reduce and control the mosquito population. This option can be more cost effective but will require regular monthly treatments to maintain proper control. One time treatments are also optional if there is an event or gathering happening in a few days and you would like temporary treatment for this event.

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