Bed Bugs

If you wake up itching or have a rash on your body, you might have these nasty little critters.  Although these pests were nearly eliminated in the U.S. over the past few decades, they’ve recently made a resurgence in a big way.  In major cities like Houston, New York, and Los Angeles (and their surrounding areas), their population has exploded due to foreign travelers bringing them into the country. 

Usually the first indicator of a bedbug infestation is bites or rashes on the body.  Unfortunately, this is not an indicator in all cases, as not everyone reacts to bedbug bites in the same manner.  Some people will get big irritating rashes, some will have small dots, and some will not react to the bite at all.  If you suspect that you have bedbug bites on your body, please consult your physician to find out if that’s the problem.  The next main indicator is seeing them.  They will nest usually somewhere within 5-8 feet from your bed (if not on your bed itself).  A good way to check if they are in your bed is to strip your bed, check on the edges of your mattress where the seams are, and check the underside of your mattress and your box springs.  Many times they can be found where the box springs sit on the bed frame.  When the infestation is severe, there will be no question that you have them as they will be crawling up the wall.  

There are several methods that can be used to help prevent these creatures from feeding on you or your family.  When you stay in hotels in other cities, before your settle into your room, check the beds to make sure there aren’t any bugs hiding on the mattress.  At home, you can purchase climb-up interceptors to place under your bedposts.  These interceptors catch the bugs in them as they try to crawl into your bed.  (They do not jump.)  The interceptors do not work however if your bed, frame, or head/foot board is touching the wall or if any part of your sheets are touching the floor.  Always use a bed frame as having a mattress directly on the floor makes you a very easy target.  Also, purchasing mattress covers for your mattresses will prevent them from investing your mattress and will also extend the life of your mattresses.

I do not recommend using a second-hand mattress as these may come with a bedbug infestation.  Also, check all furniture (especially cloth) that is purchased or received second hand for the same reason.

Should you suspect that you have an infestation, we will be happy to come and do a check of your residence.  Should you have an infestation, we will explain all your options and what will be required to eliminate the problem. In most cases, a heat treatment will be required. This process involves piping heated air into the infested areas to eliminate the bed bugs. There will be some preparation involved before the treatment can happen but the entire process will be explained before the scheduled treatment date.

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