Despite not being apparent, bats are quite numerous in this area. If you go outside in the evening, around dusk, and you look up in the sky, you might catch sight of these creatures.

While these creatures may be intimidating when seen flying around, they are actually very beneficial to nature.  They feed on insects which in turn helps to majorly reduce insect populations, especially in agricultural settings.

However, what you do not want, is a colony of bats making their home in your dwelling or buildings.  Bats are known carriers of rabies and can cause damage to the places they choose to inhabit. There are 11 species of bats in Texas that can roost inside buildings.  

We can come to your location and identify the areas where they are nesting.  Then it’s only a matter of sealing up the entry points and forcing the bats to find somewhere else to go.  Bats can enter through a hole as small as a quarter and will typically roost in an area that is not accessed as frequently by humans such as an attic, crawlspace, or outbuilding.  

If you have a bat problem, give us a call and we will stop by and let you know your options!

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